WordPress 3.0 Upload Image Fix

After upgrading to WordPress 3.0, I could no longer upload media in the visual editor. Instead of popping up in the lightbox, a whole new page would load, and no images would attach to posts.

In the Headspace2 plugin… go into /wp-content/plugins/headspace2/js and open the headspace-tags.js file. Around line 67 (function get_tag_element () {) change what’s there to the following:

  1.     function get_tag_element () {
  2.       if ($('#tax-input-post_tag').length == 1)
  3.         return '#tax-input-post_tag';
  4.       else if ($('#tags-input').length == 1)
  5.         return '#tags-input';
  6.       else if ($('#tax-input\\[post_tag\\]').length == 1)
  7.         return '#tax-input\\[post_tag\\]';
  8.     }

Refresh a couple of times, to clear your browser’s cache, and try and attach an image. The usual popup window should now load.

(If you don’t have Headspace2 installed.. maybe it’s some other plugin interfering..?)

Thanks to Aaron Campbell. Found at the Headspace bug tracker.


  1. you made my day! thx!!

  2. OMG you are brilliant! This worked!!!

    Thank you!

  3. Super fix. Worked great. How can I be da man if your da man? Give thanks!

  4. wonderful! thank you very much!

  5. thank u so much works like a charm!

  6. Good effort, worked a treat – What a star!!

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